Suzuki SE-300 Generator Questions

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Suzuki SE-300 Generator Questions

Greetings, all

I bought a little Suzuki SE-300 generator at a yard sale, thinking it would be a simple project to play with. I removed & cleaned the carb, and now it runs (fairly well). The main problems I've identified are there is no aircleaner, and there are three rubber hoses that I'm confused about.

One hose comes out of the side of the crankcase (I presume this is a crankcase vent), and there are two tubes attached to each side of the carburetor (plus fuel inlet - I figured that one out). These two tubes seem to be connected together (inside the carb) and seem to be connected to the top of the float bowl.

My questions are:

1- Where are these three tubes supposed to be connected, and to what?

2- Does anyone know where I can get a repair and/or parts manual for this specific generator (Suzuki SE300)?

3- Since Suzuki seems to disavow any knowledge of this generator, are there other manufacturers who's manuals (and parts) would be pertinent? (It appears to be a Kawasaki engine, with Mikuni carb.)

4- After shutdown, gas starts leaking from the carb, even with the fuel valve shut off. (I presume this means the float is set too high and expansion is the cause of the leak)

Thanks for any help... I know just enough to be dangerous.

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Sorry, I have no knowledge of that machine either. I can say that the leak is because of a leaking float needle and/or seat, due to either a dirty or bad needle and or seat, or a bad float, or sticking float.
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Manufactur support on generators as far as online literature is very slim at least that I have been able to find.
I did find some general service manuals that include you model. There are two volumes and the description sounds as tho it should have all u need including schematics.
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i just got a suzuki generator se300 at a sale too, no spark plug, what size plug does yours have in it??

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