Flipped my Lawn Mower


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Question Flipped my Lawn Mower

I was given a non-working Poulan Riding Lawn Mower - did regular maintence such as new battery, spark plug, etc. - then cut my lawn once and then yes folks I flipped it over (please don't ask) - I can't get it to function again - cleaned out all the oil and gas out of the engine and checked for any loose wires. the engine barely turned over at first but now nothing- anyboby have any ideas (besides stop flipping lawnmowers)
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You likely have oil in the combustion chamber. Remove the spark plug, tuck the plug wire out of the way, spray some carburetor or brake cleaner in the plug hole, place a rag over the plug hole and crank the engine over. This may take several attempts - depending on how much oil is in there. Be sure your air filter isn't soaked with oil and if so, you likely have oil in the carburetor bowl. If so, remove the bowl nut and use the carb/brake cleaner and flush this area out.
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I'd also check out your battery AND it's connections. Typically a lead acid battery does not like to be inverted under the best of conditions, but from what was most likely a sudden impact, it may be damaged, or if not properly secured, may have frayed and or broken the ground wire to the frame. If the engine was very suddenly stopped from the "event", you may have sheared the flywheel key which would change your timing, causing problems, as well. I'm glad to hear you are OK, as the mower is easier to fix than broken bones or worse.
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I have to ask?

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