Craftman mower can't start


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Craftman mower can't start


I have a 4.5HP Craftman Lawn Mower for 2 year. I use it every other week, but it stopped working last Sunday. I couldn't get it started. I pulled the thread as usual to start the engine, but I felt no weight at all while pulling the thread(feel more like pulling the thread only, not the engine). What is the problem? What should I check and how can I fix it?

BTW,I never changed any parts since I bought it. Only added engine oil couple weeks ago coz it was low.


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stuck valve--- caused by old stale gas. Remove head and valve. clean up an re-install. Toss the old gas. You may need to purchase a head gasket.
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Does the blade turn when you pull the pull rope? If not, the engine is not turning. This would be a problem with the recoil starting mechanism. Most likely, the ratchet pawls have come out of the hub if this is the case.
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Your machine most likely has a Tecumseh engine and the rewind starters are notorious for slippage due to a faulty spring clip in the top center of the starter. From the factory they are plastic and will wear and then slip thereby not allowing the pawls to engage the starter cup. Replacement of the spring clip (Tecumseh part # 590760) will take care of this problem. Using an exacto-knife-type tool, cut and X in the sticker in the center of the starter housing (outside of such - no need to remove a thing to get at such), and remove the plastic clip and install the new clip. The above part # includes a new sticker to cover up the hole you cut out.
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Thank you all. Puey61, I will try your suggestion and see if it fixes the problem. Where can I buy the spring clip from?

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mine do that from time to time. take blower housing off 4bolts. pull on cord. watch to see if the ear {metal piece that sits in the center) flys out. it has to fly out to catch starter cup. they work their way loose. older models hold center of starter in by screw. newer ones pop out from the top are held in by plastic piece or metal shaft. push them out from the top. inspect. you will find ear has dislodged. take screwdriver and put ear behind spring so it will retract after it starts. this will save you $$$. i have to repair these several times a year. the starter is unrepairable only if plastic holder is distorted to the point it will not hold the metal ear.

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