Trying to rebuild carb-5 hp B&S/MLD Chipper


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Trying to rebuild carb-5 hp B&S/MLD Chipper

I am trying to rebuild a carb on the following:

MTD - 800-800-7310
Model 246-645B000
Briggs & Stratton 5 HP
Model 135-212
Type 0140-01
Code 960904 YD

The carb is the type that is built on top of the tank. First time I have wrangled one of these but generally I know engines.

I bought a carb kit = 495606.

First I cleaned thoroughly. When I tried to get the brass seat out on the center stem of the carb (inside the bowl if it were a bowl type carb, but it is not), it turns out the brass seat is pressed in, not srcrewed in. The kit has one that screws in. Now I have ruined the one that was on it and have no way to get the replacement one on .

Was it supposed to be replaced (Seems like they always are)?

Did I get the wrong kit?

Any other suggestions?

Matt A
[email protected]
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Matt:You have the right kit for that carb. But not all the parts in the kit are used in every carb. another model has a replaceable jet in the high speed adjust't on the side. There doesn't appaear to be a replaceable jet in the bottom, anywhere, for your spec No. It looks like a no fix situation, now.

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