Briggs Engine Full Choke Problem


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Briggs Engine Full Choke Problem

I have a '97 Scag Walkbehind mower equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 16.0hp Vanguard V-Twin model #303776. I cannot seem to get the engine to run without having to leave the choke all the way up/open. If I let it warm up and then move the choke just a fraction down, the engine seems to start to gasp for gasoline. If I put the choke all the way down, it dies. I gave the engine a full tuneup at the beginning of the season with new plugs, fuel filter, oil, oil filter, & air filter. I have been using Sunoco 92 octane gasoline. I have since replaced the fuel filter again, fuel line, and recently the fuel pump, with no improvement. Any ideas?
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It does sound like a fuel restriction causing the engine to run lean. It is not a good idea to run or use in this condition.
Since you can keep it running with the choke we can assume the carb is getting enuff fuel plus the fact you have checked/changed lines and filter.
On the carb is a bolt on the bottom that hold the bowl on. Once removed you can look up the stem that bolt threads into and see the main jet. It may be a hex key (allen wrench) or slotted. Remove it by unscrewing CCW. Clean all the holes in it with spray and or compressed air. Clean out the bowl as well, reasemble and giver a go.
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That worked, thanks.

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