Troy Bilt mower won't start


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Troy Bilt mower won't start

hey guys hows it going..........I have about a year old troy bilt push mower with a 6.5 briggs motor and recently ive been problems with it....the last time i was using it it was shooting alot of white smoke out the muffler, so i shut it off checked the oil and changed it....after doing this is would crank but would die down and it acts like it wants to run but when you pull the rope it just shoots a puff of white smoke out the muffler and will not crank.....i did notice when i prime it, it doesnt seem like its pumpin any gas and also the spark plug was black when i i removed it any ideas guys?
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hey guys....Even though ive had 0 replies to this problem, i did some looking around on past questions and found one pertaining my same problem.....In this thread one of the guys said to take the spark plug out and pull the chord to blow any fuel/oil out above the rings........After doing this when i put the plug back in it fired up and ran for about 5 seconds very rough though and died.......There is oil i think that is in the air filter......maybe my head gasket is leaking i dont know....any help?
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It would help if you provided the model # for the 6.5 briggs. Not sure if that is overhead valve or not.
Sounds as though a valve or crank breather if there is oil in the air filter. Could have been if the mower was stored or tipped long enuff on its side, and now there is enuff oil in the filter and housing to smoke and foul the plug.
Remove the air filter and see what it does. Clean it and the housing of any oil before reinstalling.
You should also have a new plug as the one you are using is most likely fouled beyond cleaning.
Removing the plug and cranking the engine will remove any oil that was allowed to leak above the rings, however if the leak is bad rings or valves or other internal problems it will return.

Also you did not mention the oil level or condition b4 you changed it....

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