re: Echo ES 1000 blower/shredder vac

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re: Echo ES 1000 blower/shredder vac


The Echo blower has always started on the first pull. A week ago I loaned it to my brother (always a big mistake.) It came back filthy but still had some fuel in it. I used it for a few minutes and it died as the fuel tank was empty.

Filled the tank and it has not started since. I cleaned the air filter, put in fresh fuel at the correct ratio (btw, I gave it to my brother with a 1 gallon can of premix so know he didn't screw it up that way.)

Also put in a new plug and it seems to have spark but not as bright as I'd like.

Only thing I have not done is replace the muffler. I'll likely do that anyway on Monday when the parts shop is open.

Anyone have any ideas on the no-start issue? Seems unlikely is is plugged but who knows.


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The muffler should have a spark arrestor on it. Just a small rectangle screen held in with a plate or screws. If plugged just clean this. Echos and Stihls I see this alot. The owners manual should make mention of it for regular maintenance if not troubleshooting.
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Sounds like the fuel filter is plugged (or if there isn't one, dirt got into the carb).

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