Tecumseh clylinder head bolts


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Tecumseh clylinder head bolts

Hi, maybe someone here can help me out with this question. I have a Tecumseh motor from my Toro rider mower. It is model TVM195150100n ser 81340.

I took the motor apart and had the local machine shop hone the cylinder and do the valves for me. I have a repair manual but in putting the cylinder head back on I found that I have nine head bolts, 6 are 1 3/8 inch and 3 are 1 7/8 inch. The manual does not specify and I can see no reason for the longer bolts. Any help is much appreciated.
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The bolts are of different sizes and their holes too. You're going to have play hide and seek here. They are three of the bolts that are longer than the others. (Use one of the longest bolts). Screw it in all the head bolt holes. Note the difference of the seating depth of each. The deeper will use the longer bolts.

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Here's a tip for the next time you do something like this...Take a piece of cardboard (or even better, the bottom of a carboard box) and trace or draw a rough outline of the head onto it...Then, as you remove the bolts from the head poke a hole in the cardboard in the same spot as where the bolt would go on the head and stick the bolt in the hole for safe keeping...This way you can easily keep track of what bolt was in what hole...
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You could try checking the depth of each hole with a pencil, chop-stick or something like that. Note which are the deepest holes an use the longer bolts in those. Good luck.

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