Coil wires question


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Coil wires question

On the coil what is the little wire that is on the underside of it? On my engine it goes into crank case.
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It runs to a set of points if it goes under the flywheel.
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With no information like engine name, hp, or model number, we can't really help.

Some engines have oil sentry switches that the wire could go to that screw into or otherwise attatch to the engine crankcase (if it actually goes to the crankcase on yours). It could also go under the flywheel to the points, but that's not in the crankcase.

As far as what the wire is....well, that depends on the engine. (more info needed). On some, it is strictly the kill wire. On others, it is the field ground that is controlled by the points and then to a kill switch.

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