air gap for solid state ign. coil


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air gap for solid state ign. coil

can anyone tell me what the gap should be for this new coil i put on my 6.5 hp tecumseh motor. I just replaced it and still seems to get no spark. There is a green wire hooked to the bottom, Is that the kill wire? I have unhooked the battery because I don't use the electric start. Everything else seems to be fine, I hope i didn't buy a 30 dollar coil i didn't need. Please help if you can. Thank you.
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What is the model number of the engine?
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Yep that is the ground wire.And I just use a business card to gap the coil.But electronic coils take a little more than 300 RPM's to fire.Try unpluging the ground wire from the coil and try it.If it gets spark now the ground wire is touching somewhere.I've even seen one small piece of grass ground an engine out.Clean other end of wire, and connection too.When clean,reconnect wire to coil.And make sure the kill cable is pulling back far enough not to ground.Sould be good to go.

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