No oil on Poulan chainsaw bar.


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No oil on Poulan chainsaw bar.

I have an 18", Poulan 260 PRO, 42cc chainsaw. The oil is not getting to the bar. The oil reservoir is full. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Either a plugged oil line or a defective pump most likely. Remove the bar and chain, remove the clutch drum, two screws removes the oil pump. Behind the pump you should see a grommet which the pump mates up to. Remove the oil cap and blow through the grommet with light air pressure. This will dislodge any foreign object in the pick-up line (if present). Then blow through the feed line - again with light air pressure. Take a close look at the drive gear on the pump and see if there is any noticeable wear on the teeth...replace if necessary. All this can be avoided if you simply have blockage at the bar port hole. Any saw dust debris clogged here will give you the impression that the oiler isn't working when actually it is and it's just not getting to the bar groove.
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Red face No oil to bar on Poulan 2450

I have a similar problem and have done all the things suggested, Still not getting oil to bar. The gear on the pump looks good but I can not see what drives it. The only thing under the pump is a spring that appears to do nothing. Is there something missing, am I blind or just dumb? Thanks, hefe
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the part that looks like a spring is actually the worm gear that drives the oil pump. It rotates the piston that moves in and out of the cylinder pumping the oil to the bar. Most of the time i find a bad spot on the piston gear, you need to rotate it all the way around to see if the gear is worn down anywhere.

The pumps are not expensive if they need to be replaced.
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Smile No oil on Poulan chainsaw bar

Thanks Tech. That was my first thought but then thought, " thats crazy", no one would design that". Guess they would after all. I will get a new pump tomorrow and have a good laugh. hefe

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