Riding mower will not restart!


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Riding mower will not restart!

Hi guys, great forum. How does the saying go? "long time listener, first time caller". Ok here is my problem. I have a lawn general riding mower. I was cutting my grass the other day and after 30 minutes of cutting i shut it off. When i tried to restart it, it just cranks over and over but just will not catch. I have gone through alot of threads on this site and i do believe it's a carb problem. I have spark. I have compression. To check that i took out the plug and tried to start it and air pushed my finger away. It smells like it is flooded. I move the throttle control back and forth and can see it opening and closing but nothing. I took the air cleaner off and poured a little gas in the bowl and tried to start it, and it just kept popping like a backfire. I also replaced the spark plug and noticed a little wetness on the bottom of the plug.

here are my numbers for you to try to help with.

motor type...enduro xl/c 17.5 ohv
model #204803a
model family? wtpxs4902aa

if you need any other info just let me know. I really appreciate this place. Great work here guys!!!!!
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Manuals for that engine are limited that I can find and I have only seen one that I recall. I think those have that cheap plastic carb bowl that mounts with a wire flip bail...? I think there is a fuel solenoid valve on those. If so there should be a wire running to a terminal on the bottom of the carb. When the key is turned to run, there should be a click from the solenoid opening from 12v on the terminal. You may not hear or feel it but the bowl can be removed easily by flipping the bail. Unfortunately the design requires care and attention and even still, may require replacing in order to get it to seal.

It is possible if you are certain that you have spark, that the flywheel key has sheared. This should not have happened however without reason.

Your engine model # cross references to Tecumseh OHV175
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The "popping/backfire" you mentioned would indicate a weak and/or intermittent ignition. Whether it's the coil or otherwise will have to be determined. Ideally, you want to use an in-line spark tester (I like Briggs part# 19368) and test for sufficient spark. Do this first and then move on, depending on the test result.

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