Mysterious Wire - Kohler Engine


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Mysterious Wire - Kohler Engine

A friend just gave me a Kohler Sno-Flyer snowblower with a Kohler 4hp K91 engine. The engine has no spark. There is a wire hanging that is attached the a metal ground below the carburetor. I looks like it should feed behind the pull starter housing. Does anyone know where it goes? I could email you a picture if you give me your email. Thanks!
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I could not find reference for the model # you gave, below are 2 links, the first is an owners manual for a CS series 4HP horizontal shaft kohler, it may be similar enuff to help you out some, at the very least tells what information you need and where it should be for identification.
The second is a service manual for the same, it has detailed trouble shooting steps including schematics and test procedures for components.

On the engine in these manuals the wire that attatches to the coil should be black/white. I don't think these have a fuel solenoid. It could be that there was a no spark condition someone had tried to troubleshoot. With this wire disconnected, it eliminates wiring and components of the stop circuit as cause for no spark and is usually a sign the coil is bad. The service manual includes test steps and values for coil resistance.
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Mysterious Wire

Thank you. I also found a very detailed service manual at I ordered complete tune up parts: coil, plug, condensor, breakers, etc. I am sure that when I get in there it will be obvious where the wires go.
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Thx kbininger for the reply and the link. It does ONLY work with Internet Explorer and version 5.5 and above.
Its also for registered members login but does allow you to enter as a guest. For full function of the site two software components are required to install.

I did download, install and browse a bit, and there is considerable more info there than on the regular consumer site I found.

Thx again and GL
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The wire, by the way, is either the ground/kill wire or the wire from the coil going to the points, with the latter being the most likely.

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