craftsman tractor problem


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craftsman tractor problem

I have a sears tractor that wont start. It turns over. I put starter fluid in and no good. Changed plugs, no good. Took out plugs , grounded, and tried to start, no spark visible. Is it magneto, or could it be something else? fuse and switches are fine. Model #536.255870
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What brand and model engine is on it? Try unplugging the kill wire from the coil armature and see if you get spark. If so, the armature is good.
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solved problem

I took magneto off. Ichecked bottom and there are ywo tiny wires that come from coil and are fastened together by a screw (red and green). I checked them with a magnifier. The green was broken. I soldered it and engine started right up. Thanks Cheese for your response. This is a great site. Keep up the good work
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This unit has a 15 horse Briggs opposed twin, FYI. You'll need to determine if you have a safety switch issue or an ignition coil issue. First, you'll need to locate the single kill wire coming out of the flywheel area of the engine and disconnect it from all other wires. In other words, allow it to set aside untouched and then check for spark. If spark, you have a faulty safety switch (which you'll then need to determine exactly which one and which, if so, we'll cover that when and if needed). If no spark, you'll now have to remove the flywheel shroud, remove the kill wire AT the coil and then check for spark. If no spark, replace the coil. If spark, replace the kill wire.

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