Lawn Boy Dura Force 6.4


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Lawn Boy Dura Force 6.4

Mower has run marginal all year long. Oil will splatter discharge from exhaust and have heavy smoke at times until engine warms up.

Ran fine two days ago, now wont stay running. Engine runs slowly and dies.

Any help? Bought this two years ago as a refurb from HD and haven't been happy.

Guess you get what you pay for.

Any help is appreciated.

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You bought a refurb lawn mower from Harley Davidson? Anyhow, refurbs are something I never suggest buying. They likely were owned by a sap who forgot to keep oil in it, cries to the selling dealer...whoasy me, the dealer takes it back, sends it to the factory, the factory gets it back, breaks the engine free, adds oil and ships it out to some refurb retailer and some poor sole gets a lemon. You may have a oil viscosity problem or a oil overfilled problem or a crankcase breather pluggage problem or a cylinder damage problem, with the latter being the most likely. Removing the cylinder head or performing a leak-down test will be the best way to determine if it's a cylinder problem.
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Thanks for the information... is there anyplace I could go to get more information on how to do what you suggest?

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