1997 MTD Rider Won't Start


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1997 MTD Rider Won't Start


I have a 1997 ACE Special Edition MTD 42" riding mower that I bought from my neighbor. I've seen him mow his lawn with it, but the last time was about 6 months ago.

I turn the ignition key, blade is disengaged, transmission is neutral, clutch/brake is depressed, and nothing happens. No lights. (not sure if lights even wok yet) No starter motor kicking in.

I checked the safety switch under the seat and when I sit down, it separates some contacts which I think should allow electrical flow, but nothing. Dead as a door nail.

I took out the battery and put a fresh charge on it, I took out the starter, and tested it on a bench. It spins and the little gear pops up which engages the flywheel. It all looks normal.

So I am wondering what I am missing here. Can anyone tell me what else, or where else I should check to try and figure out why I am not getting current? Maybe there's another safety switch hidden somewhere that I am unaware of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Saffer
Jacksonville, Florida
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Check your solenoid and key switch with the switch being the most likely fault. Try jumping the input terminal of your solenoid (small red wire) to the (+) of the batt;(while sitting on the seat, of course). If it turns over then the start switch is the fault. If nothing, look to your solenoid as the culprit.

God Bless,

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