Just bought a Craftsman 88185 Snow Thrower!


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Just bought a Craftsman 88185 Snow Thrower!


I (yes I bought a snow thrower in August) just bought a new snow thrower for the house. It is the 88185 model (07188185000). It is an 8.5 HP & I am thrilled! I am upgrading from a Toro S-620 (15 years old) & I think that was a 2 HP one.

I have been reading through the manual (I have not started it up yet). I was wondering, should I start it up & make sure everything works now, or wait until it is closer to the winter?

The manual has a lot of information & tons of items that need to be checked out frequently. I was given the Toro S-620 as a hand me down & I never touched it (I put the gas in & that was it). So this seems to be a lot more work for it.

I purchased the Snow Thrower with the basic warranty.

I am thinking about spending the extra $99 dollars for the at home service for three years. Any suggesitons on if that is a good idea or not?

Heres the snow thrower:


I hope I picked a good one!

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Hello Rich!

I can't give you a whole lot of snowthrower help (snow is pretty rare in the deep south where I am located), but I will suggest making sure it is fully operational before the winter season comes. That way, if there is an issue that needs to be addressed, it should come to light now and be repaired before you even need the thing. You won't be able to actually use it, obviously, but you can start it and engage it to be sure everything is doing what it should be doing.

I generally don't think maintainence agreements are worth the money. Some people do benefit from them sometimes. I'd say, if you are not at all mechanically inclined, and do not intend to do oil changes yourself or any repairs yourself, then $99 is not bad IF it includes maintainence. Most times, the product will not have any failures in 3 years, but maintainence is needed.
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Looks like a good one to me. I may be in the market for one myself but I don't think I will need quite that much power since we are told the average snowfall where we are moving to is about 4ft a year. I have a 4x4 honda atv that I was thinking about adding a snow blade to instead of getting a thrower but I haven't made a final decision yet. But I would start that sucker up now and make sure it works correctly.
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I'm in central BC--Canada--worked for Sears for 11 years as a service technician in outdoor equip.
Snowblower MA is a good idea for that cheap--up here it's 350 bucks for the MA. If it includes repairs and replacement parts, yearly tune up and yearly check over, oil change etc.--it's a hell of a bargain.
If it is the same as here (changed a year ago ) all you get is a visit free--no parts , no nothing--its a extended warranty and only covers manufacturing defects then it 'aint worth it!' Better read the fine print You get a two year manfg warranty regardless so if its only an extended, then you're wasting your money.

Hope that explains it for you.


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By all means fuel and oil (SAE 5W30) it up. Grease all visible points (you never can trust that it was done at the factory. Adjust the skid shoes to your liking or needs (no clearance between the scraper and driveway if a paved driveway, OR, necessary clearance if otherwise). WD40 all moving parts of the unit. Add fuel stabilizer before running. Try out each and every foward and reverse "gear". Engage the auger and be sure both the auger and impeller are rotating (use caution when doing so - no hands or feet nearby). Done, except be sure to go out and let it run for 10 minutes every 2-3 weeks between now and snowfall (you don't want the fuel to varnish up). This also goes for summer storage - be sure to use stabilizer AND start it up at least once monthly.
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