recoil starter


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recoil starter

the rope on my starter broke on my tecumseh snow blower.the rope snapped at the begining .so i retreaded it and tied a new knot.maybe a lost 2 inches the most of the works fine but the rope will not fully recoil.about 6 inches hangs out without spinning back tight.i took off starter and spun the rope in tight,and after first pull same thing,about six inches not recoiling back....anyone can help me i would appreciate it...thanks...
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sounds to me like the spring is broken or slipping

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Try removing the recoil starter again, and push the rope back towards the spool so that you get a loop between the spool and the housing. Wrap this loop around the spool once to get all the rope around the spool and it should work fine. I hope this is clear enough...kind of hard to give instructions like this without actually showing you.
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thanks ...i tried your recomendation cheese.i still can not get it to work...i have been trying to find a new spring,but can only find the whole is tucemseh #590749...if anyone could give me the part number for the recoil spring i would appreciate it...thanks
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go here

click manufactures catalogs (grey button)

select tecumseh ->Starter Parts ->Recoil Starters -> RS-590749

the parts and the numbers are listed there.
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The Tecumseh part number for the spring/pulley assembly is 590682. I think all you need though is to pre-load the spring. Remove all the rope you have, ready a new length of rope (5') and burn and swipe both ends to prevent split ends, place the starter housing upside down on a work bench, wind the pulley - manually by hand - counterclockwise as far as it will go while holding the starter housing, back up the pulley just enough so that the hole in the pulley lines up with the hole in the housing, feed the rope through both, tie a knot in the pulley end, feed the outside end into the rope grip, tie a knot here and away you go. Good luck and let us know.
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thanks puey61,your advice worked out great..the cord is fully recoiling the way it used to when it was new.i just have to get a replacement cord cause the original is under 5 feet now,but it is working great,so i will have a spare so when it snaps the next time i will use the new cord...thanks again to everyone i appreciate all the advice..

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