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self-propel drive problem TORO Recycler II mower

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09-04-05, 01:00 PM   #1  
self-propel drive problem TORO Recycler II mower

TORO Recycler II Super Pro mower model 20436
1. Problem w/ self-propel drive 3-speed (N-1-2-3)
2. Drive will engage - but slips
3. Cannot change drive speed (stuck in 2)
4. New drive belt installed but tension is loose

Q- How to incr. tension on drive belt?
Q- How to shift?

Any suggestions?


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09-04-05, 07:00 PM   #2  
Hello Tommy_BoulderCo and welcome to the #1 do it yourself website.There are many professionals who know a lot about just about any model,type and brand of mower or anything else you want to name.

There were three 20436's.two were built in 1993 and 1 in 1994. In order to pinpoint the one you have reply back with the serail #.It might prove to be useful,but sounds to me that your problem is rust inside the transmission.

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09-05-05, 04:39 AM   #3  
Serial Number 4927526

Toro Recycler II Super Pro
Model 20436 S/N 4927526

- Rust in the transmission???
~ Do I attempt to remove rust? If yes, how?
~ Home project or seek professional help?

Thanks, Repair_Guy!
Appreciate your suggestion to post S/N and diagnosis.

Roll Tide!

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09-05-05, 11:02 PM   #4  
Better take to a repair shop,let the professionals look at your transmission.They get tricky somethimes.

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09-06-05, 12:09 AM   #5  
Hello Tommy!

I would suggest taking the shift cable loose from the tranny, then move the shifter knob and see if the cable moves. You might find that the cable has stuck and won't move even when disconnected from the tranny. Then, see if you can shift the tranny by hand down where the cable connects. If so, the tranny is fine and you need a cable.

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God bless!

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10-21-08, 09:56 AM   #6  
An adjustment may fix your problem

I have the model 20437 (one number later than yours, so probably very similar). Had the same problem. Replaced the belt, which didn't seem very worn. Very little improvement. Then I discovered a round, knurled knob where the shift cable enters the transmission box. Turned it clockwise about one or two turns; problem solved. Apparently, this knob was engineered to anticipate cable stretch. Great idea, but I'm not sure it's well documented in the manual. (I no longer have this mower). Hope this helps.

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10-21-08, 12:08 PM   #7  
Ahh... Grasshopper

Welcome to DIY!

You are replying to a post that's over 3 years old.

You are correct, that knob on the back of the mower is for adjusting the belt tension for the self propel.

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