1 yr old toro riding mower won't turn over


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1 yr old toro riding mower won't turn over

I have a Toro ZTR 16-42z which is equiped with a 16hp B&S engine.
I can't start the engine again for the second time this season after refueling. To make things clear, the engine makes noise and the top fan spins, but it doesn't actually make the sound when the engine actually starts up. My dad thinks something is wrong with the carb.

During the first occurence, I drained the fuel because I suspected bad gasoline and refilled the tank with fresh unleaded. The engine still wouldn't start until I tried it again after it had been setting out in the blistering sun for a few hours. I never figured out what the problem was but I forgot about it because the mower ran fine after that incident.

Now the mower won't turn over again and I've drained and cleaned out the tank, and replaced the fuel filter. The spark plug looks great. After turning the ignition for awhile, the air seems to stop flowing during the starting up state.

btw, I recently began to notice that the power is not as strong and the cut isn't as clean as it once was. I believe the blades are not worn out bad enough for this to be the case.

It will take a very long time for a shop to even take a look at it.
Can somebody please give me some tips? I would be grateful for any response at this point.
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When I turn the ignition, i hear a sound coming from the engine that sounds like its cycling but can't start up. Now when I turn the ignition, it doesn't do a thing.
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did you check the shear pin ?

Did you run over anything just before or last time using it ?

this does not sound like carb problem, but you can drain the float bowl and use some carb cleaner on it, might even have to take off and clean it.

does the motor sit outside ? chance of water to get in it or on it ?

you might also take the carb off and look and make sure the valves are going up and down, and spary them with some wd40

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Hello RXIS!

Look at the bottom of the carb. There may be a small cylindrical shaped piece with a wire(s) connected to it. Do you hear this click when you turn the key on? If not, remove it and clean it well with automotive carb cleaner (spray can type). Push the plunger on the end of it in and out with cleaner on it to get it freed up. Then see if it starts.

I wouldn't worry with removing the carb to see the valves. You can't see them that way anyway and removing the valve cover is much simpler and will reveal more.

Another thing, check the oil. Smell it. Is it too full? Does it smel like gas? If so, the needle in the carb may need replacing.

If you suspected bad fuel and/or water in the gas, you'll need to drain the carburetor as well. The water will stay in the carb until you let it out. Removing the bowl on the bottom of the carb will allow you to drain it. Fresh fuel will flow while you have the bowl off unless you clamp off the fuel line.
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