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I have an electric motor from an electric lawnmower. I would like to use the motor for a polisher, but it spins way too fast. Is there a way that I can put some type of switch on it that will turn the motor low, medium and high?? It operates off of standard 110.
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Dear kalcomp -

I am moving this thread to the Small Engines forum - it seems more appropriate there.

good luck!

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Hi: kalcomp

Not really possible nor advisable for reasons that should be apparent.

Lawnmower electric motors, like many single speed electric motors, do not have the electricial windings for mutiple speeds.

Any attempt to alter the speed electrically, will burnout the windings in short order.

Best bet is to buy a multi-speed polisher.


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What about a rheostat???
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If I may interject here, Tom: A rheostat is feasible if the motor is a shaded pole or universal type. I believe the lawnmower motor is a high torque, capacitor start. In that application, the rheostat will add inductance to the start system and the motor will end up in a ball of smoke from overheating of the windings.


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