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I need help.I have a Sears mower with a 5hp Tecumseh engine.The engine will not start.Pulling the cord 3 or 4 times results in smoke(white)coming out of the muffler.Pulling the cord the 5th or 6th time,the cord is jerked from my hand and smoke(white)comes out of the air filter.I have taken the engine apart to replace the gasket at the bottom end because of oil leak.On assembly I aligned the dots on the cam and the crank.
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Based solely on your problem discription, that WHITE smoke is compressed and partially unburned fuel. Plus the starter cord is being snapped back out of your hand.

Which tells me the ignition timing is incorrect or the valve timing is not set correctly.

Another possibilty <check this first> is not having the blade attached on a rotary mower.

The blade acts as a flywheel and must be installed before the engine will start.

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Hi Tom,Yes I was trying to start the mower without the blade attached.After reading your reply,I realized you were absolutely right,the blade acting as a flywheel.I installed the blade and it started right up! Thanks for the information it's greatly appreciated. ASPHALT
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Is there any way to get a motor like this to start with out the blade??? I am using the motor for a project that does not need the blade so i need it to run with out it. Thanks -Nathan
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Yes you can get a regular vertical crank lawnmower engine to start without the blade but it won't be easy and you may hurt your fingers/hand in the process of starting it. The kickback is extremely terrible. The lawnmower engines "need" the blade as a counter balance for running.
If you look for a vertical crank engine from a pressure washer or a riding tractor those don't require a blade and it may serve the purpose you need.
Hope this helps...

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Would rigging up some sort of electric starter work, or would it not be powerful enough to turn the motor over?
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Hello NateM!

You may be able to start it like this, but it can kickback so violently anytime it's running that the flywheel could explode and other damage can result. I strongly reccomend against it. You can make the engine suitable for use without a blade by installing a cast iron flywheel, or a large heavy pulley on the crankshaft, or something of that sort to act as a flywheel.

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