Mower Blade?


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Mower Blade?

How hard is it to change the mower blade? Is there anything I need to know specifically to do it?
I have a Craftsman mower that's only a year or two old and hit a stump. Bent the hell out of the blade and know it needs a new one now.
Can I get a new one at Home Depot?

Thanks, Jerry
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Changing the blade is a simple process - start by removing the spark plug wire so you don't accidentally start the engine while turning the bolt...Get the appropriate sized wrench...Wedge a block of wood between the blade & mower body to keep it from turning while you attempt to loosen the bolt...Home Depot should have exactly what you need, just pay attention to the make of the mower so you get one that will fit the shaft correctly, make sure it's the same length as what you now have, and make sure if you have a mulching-type mower you get a mulching blade to retain that feature...

Hopefully, you only mangled the blade and didn't bend the shaft or mess up the flywheel keys, but you'll find out soon enough if that is the case...Keep us posted...

One other thing I forgot to mention above...Before tilting the mower to get at the blade make sure you remove some or all of the gas, otherwise it'll leak out the vented cap and get all over...Also, keep the spark-plug end of the engine upwards to prevent an excessive amount of the engine oil from seeping into the cylinder...Good luck...
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If your mower is a craftsman, sears will be your best source for the correct parts. Obtain the model # of your mower from the placard on the deck, and use it at this site. You can locate your part # and take it to sears or check stock and order online...
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Red face

Thanks guys for the information. I'll print this up to use as reference when I start on it.
I have no one to blame but myself .

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