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i bought a used craftsmen shredder. it worked the day we bought it and then we didn't use if for a couple months after we got it home. husband tried to start it to no avail. i've contacted sears and the owner's manual is no longer available. i have no idea how to fix something like this but i should would like to be able to. can you help and is there any book or literature that you can guide me to that would help me out. i'm fairly competent when i have directions, but like cooking, no recipe, no food. thanks,kelly
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Hi: Kelly

Most likely the fuel in the gas tank turned sour. Try removing as much as you can by carefully pulling off the fuel line at the carburetor.

Give the fuel line a slight twist several times in both directions first. This will aid in loosening it up first.

Once removed, fuel should flow out easily. If not, clear the restriction in the line and tank as needed.

Then re-add a small amount of fuel to the tank to flush it out. Now comes the harder part.

If the tank WAS restricted or plugged up, the carburetor will need to be removed, disassembled, sprayed with carb cleaner and reassembled carefully.

Use the plastic extention that comes with a can of carb cleaner to clear ALL those tiny holes in the carb body. Failure to be sure you got them ALL will not totally correct the problem.

If your really carefull taking the carb apart and re assembling it exactly as it came apart <do these steps over a clean area of the work bench> you may not need to install a new carb kit.

All else fails, take it to the local small engine repair shop. While you waiting for it to be fixed or prior to fixing it yourself, check the achrives in this forum for tips on how to store a small engine and the fuel for long periods of times.

Good Luck

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Change the gas but also change the sparkplug.
The metal on sparkplugs gets corroded even if you don't see it, it can still be there... a thin film will cover them and cause less energy in the spark... I usually keep the old spark plug around and put it in after hitting it with a shot of wd40 when I know my equipment is gonna sit for a while without being used... I also hit my good plug with the wd40 and put it away in a dry place. I keep the gas in my equipment and just change it before I use it... the gas keeps bugs and other stuff from getting into places...

P.S. They sell a spark plug cleaner here
It does all that it says... It sand blasts your plug which cleans it better than any thing I have ever used... I usually get one good season out of a plug and I live in florida my equipment is ancient. when I clean the plug with the cleaner I can get four or five times that.
Its a lifesaver...
Hope I helped... Keiser...

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