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I have a 3 week old garden tractor - Craftsman w/22 HP Kohler CommandPro. It worked fine the first 2 times I used it, but now I have to keep the choke slightly out to keep it running, either with or w/o the blades engaged.

It seems to be missing a little when it's choked slightly as well. I checked the air cleaner and adjusted the carb. as provided by the instructions to no avail. I do have to choke it more when the blades are disengaged and/or at idle.

I'm having a service tech. come out next week but would like your input to see if the serv. tech. isn't giving me a line. Sears already has given me some trouble w/support so I'm not sure if this will be ongoing or not. Help now sure would be appreciated!


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Hi:Scott R.

In my years working as a small engine technician, what I learned in schooling was in fact correct. Any engine that has to have the choke on slightly to keep running has a restricted fuel flow.

Since you can't increase the fuel flow for the time being, the only other option is to cut off some of the air flow by using the choke. Which richens the fuel mixture and allows the engine to run.

Unless there is some other electrical item on the engine that is causing this problem, my guess is the fuel system has a restriction or the carb has a plugged up fuel port.

The technician will determine the exact cause and correct it, so rest easy.

Good Luck

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Thanks for your reply. An update to the situation is in order. The service tech. came out today and ended up pulling off the carb. The float, apparently, was misadjusted. Any idea what could have caused that?!? (since it was running fine before!)

Anyway, thanks again and he said that should take care of the problem.

Scott F. Rendall

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