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Can Carb Cleaner be used in a 4 cycle small engine?
If so what is the proper mixture?

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No need to worry using carb cleaner.
Add a few ounces to the tank and run the engine as normal.

I assume here your having a carburetion problem? If so, adding some carb cleaner to the fuel tank may help, but I doubt it.

You can try removing the adjustment screws and force spraying carb cleaner into the holes and into the venturi, after removing the air clean also.


If the carb does have a restricted or plugged port and adding or force spraying doesn't correct the running problem, you will have to totally disassemble the carb and spray clean ALL the internal parts and tiny holes.

Good Luck

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The most common problem is with the needle valve in the float bowl. They are cheap and easy to replace. If the needle valve is sticking so theres probably crap in the float bowl. Can be bad gas in the tank too.
Carb cleaner is great when your have the carb apart and are cleaning the ports and parts that usually got there from taking it apart. But if its still all together the first place to get crap is the float bowl.
I know your question was just about adding carb cleaning to the fuel. But I like to go on sometimes. Info it does a mind good. lol.
Good luck and have fun,

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