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Our son filled the edger with the regular gas not the gas/oil mixture. Now what can we do. It will not start and one repairman says it is not repairable! help!
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Hi:A. Johnson

The engine may not be a total loss.
Flush out ALL the wrong fuel, add the fresh fuel/oil gasoline.

Next remove the spark plug, squirt some straight oil into the spark plug hole. Pull the starter rope several times to lube the piston and cylinder walls.

Re install the plug and start the engine.
If you didn't do too much damage using the wrong fuel, the engine may run. <Most do>

One OOPS may not have done as much damage as you have been lead to believe. Two cycle engines may not be a total loss if it only overheated or seized up once using the wrong fuel or too little oil in the mix.

My logic here is basically this. If the engine was determined ruined, you have only gotten one opinion. Therefore, if the engine still cranks, what have you got to lose anyway with one last attempt???

Good Luck

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