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I don't know if this is the proper forum...

I have a Black&Decker HT400 hedge clipper that stopped working. It first lost power (although corded it was similar to using a battery powered tool with old batteries.) I then noticed a burning odor from the motor. I was going to guess the problem is the brushes in the motor but I don't know how to check.

I can get a whole new one from B&D for about $35.

Do I fix it (try to) or replace it? Am I on the right track thinking brushes?
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The symptom you discribe with your electric hedger doesn't sound like that of burnt brushes.

If the cost of a new hedger replacement is only $35.00, buy a new one. Then take apart the burned out one and find out what did burn up.

My guess is the A/C to D/C converter electric circuit board overheated.

Which may have happened normally from age or from a lack of air flow do to clogged or restricted air intake vents.

Good Luck,

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