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Can you patch a muffler

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09-10-05, 01:00 AM   #1  
Can you patch a muffler

Hello all & Cheese! My yardman always buy's the best equipment he can find when he needs new equipment. That means he has a lot of different brands and he uses them often and for several years if they can stand up. He says one of his biggest problems, and a costly one, is mufflers. He usually gets small holes that grow to big ones and, he says, the hole always seems to happen in an area that allows exhaust to hit him at some point during his use of the unit. More annoying than anything else but some of these units have mufflers that, he says, cost over a hundred dollars! Is there any product out there that can be used to patch a muffler that can stand up to the heat. I use Liquid Steel on sump fractures but it brakes down at 250 degrees. Is there other methods to handle this problem other than a fill type patch? As usual "Thanks for any and all help" Cheese we've had a couple cool nights way down here. What about WAY up there? Ron

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09-10-05, 01:36 AM   #2  
I Ron!

The only thing I can reccomend for patching exhaust is a mig welder and a piece of sheet metal. Set the welder to a very low setting...like 20 amps and weld a thin patch of metal over the hole. Many more amps than that will cause the welder to burn a new hole rather than weld the old one. If the muffler is too rotten, you can't weld it anyway.

Nights are getting cool. Days are getting much better too. It's been in the 60s a few nights now. I like it, but I hope the cool weather isn't here for good just yet. I'd like a couple of more months of lawn equipment repair.

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09-10-05, 06:52 AM   #3  

There is a few ways to patch a muffler, provided the metal is not weak.

I like to cut the area out that has failed, and then patch with a piece of metal and weld it. However, I have found that i get about 6-8 weeks out of this method. it really depends how much you use the equipment.

I tried once, the patch kit you can get for car mufflers, its like a fiberglass cloth and glue compound. I found it works, but it sure does stink.


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I made a friend of mine a new muffler for his SCAG commercial mower out of grade 309 16 ga stainless steel, it should easily outlast the mower (probably by 100 years or so) anyone that wants one can send me their old muffler unit for a pattern (be sure it is intact with only small holes not completely bombed out) I have decided that I will need to charge $5,000.00 each, plus shipping of course. 16 ga Hastealloy material is avaliable for a adder of $3,500.00 All orders to be prepaid! Mr moderator yes this is a joke! I spent many hours fooling with that muffler for my good friend, these mufflers are a bit more intricate on the inside than you might imagine yikes!

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