Techumseh 4.5hp trouble


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I have a two year old Murry Lawn Mower with a Techumseh 4.5 hp engine. The engine is VERY dificult to start and replacing the spark plug has little/no affect. I have looked into if these LV100? engines have any ignition parts that can be replaced and have not found any. Also, I looked for a fuel filter, and unless they hide it on purpose, ther doesn't seem to be one. Any suggestions?


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Hiuane Hamill

About the only thing you can do is be sure the choke is closing fully, if it's equiped with a manual one. Some self close when the throttle is opened to the START position.

Check the linkage to be sure it moves the choke plate fully closed by removing the air filter assembly. Once you remove the filter, operate the speed control lever and watch the plate move. It should open fully on high speed and close fully when the lever is in the START position.

If the choke plate isn't closing fully, loosen the hold down screws on the cable and move the cable slightly. Just enough to fully close the choke plate. Then tighten down the cable holding bracket or clamps.

After doing this, turn the idle speed screw open another half turn. That screw is marked with an L and will be the one on the left.

The engine should start now with the choke plate fully closed, if it wasn't closing fully prior. If it was okay prior, the extra fuel allowed in from turning more open the idle speed screw should help lots.

You may have to adjust that idle speed screw again, once the engine warms up. Quarter turn either way with the engine warm and idling. Do this slowly. Observe what happens. Once you get the engine on idle to run smoothly, open the screw an 1/8 more turn or so.

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Won't be a choke to worry about. The engine uses a primer for starting. Maybe your priming method is not correct. Press the bulb and hold for 2 seconds and release for a couple more seconds before repeating 3 to 5 times. If that fails, try squirting some fuel direct into the throat of the carb.

You didn't say if the engine runs OK once going, would have to "assume" it does since you didn't say. Your starting problem could be nothing more then old fuel which can cause hard starting but still run fairly well once some heat builds in the engine. Using old fuel will eventually gum up the valve stems and provide additional problems.

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