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I have an 11 Hp BS lawn tractor that is leaking oil (streaming) from the front of engine. Is there a seal or gasket that could be leaking or am I looking at an over haul? It loses about 1/2 qt in 3 hrs running time. I can't tell exactly where it is leaking out but it appears to be in front. The exhaust comes out on the side just behind where the leak is. I just had surgery and can't get down to really see. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Robert
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Without a clear look, it would be a guess.
The engine would have to be cleaned first then with the engine running, look for the oil leak.

My off handed guess would be it is NOT engine oil, based on the rate of oil loss you discribed. However, do check the engines oil level to be sure.

Next possibilty could be hydraulic oil?
Does this engine have a PTO? If so, a fitting could be loose, a hose has a crack or hole in it or a seal could be defective.

Have someone clean the oily area and check for leaks with the engine running, if you unable to. The problem should then be discovered.

Sorry if I cannot offer you more help this time. Post back any results you find.

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