Bentonite transaxle grease?


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Bentonite transaxle grease?

newbie here please help, all mower places closed and no help from auto and home stores. WHAT IS THIS Bentonite grease part number 7880678 that is called out for Tecumseh Peerless 920-005 transaxle?? I have a older Murray that had a extremely noisy trans I pulled it out cleaned it up and removed the plastic plug in the top it appears to only have about 1/2 inch of fluid in the very bottom obviously low but what do i need to put back will plain ole Lithium based grease work?
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Bentonite is a highly absorbent clay-like substance that is an additive in peerless transaxle grease. It is added in an effort to keep the lubrication where it is needed. It is also a lubricant itself. Other greases will not have the added staying power that Betonite adds and will be forced out of very long and tight bearing races.

The only source that I know of is Tecumseh. However, Cheese or Puey61 may know of other sources.

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dave thanks for reply, I have been doing a bit of research on grease (I know fascinating subject LOL) apparently the exact formulation of each companies grease is a big secret and held very close, no way to find out much on the web just general information. I will have to wait until monday for my local tecumseh supplier (chiltons) to open up to get the right stuff, no big problem to put off a little grass cutting for a few days. I guess if I have to wait though the trans will have to come apart, since I have some pretty serious bearing play on the axle shafts, heck I may be able to put off cutting grass for another week!!!!!!! I may just price up a new trans since this one probably does have some internal problems from being run dry, the little woman said she thought that the real loud pulsating whining noise it was making was normal she said it was still mowing OK hmmm.
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