engine shuts off


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I have a 10 hp briggs on a mtd rider. Starts good but when it gets hot starts to miss then shuts off.Whats up with that?Thanks much
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Could be one of several problems.
Here are a few possibilities to check:

Change the spark plug first then retry it. May be something as simple as that.

Could be fuel starvation. Check it for good fuel flow from the tank to the carb.

Another possibilty could be a plugged vent cap. Remove that cap on the fuel tank, run the mower as usual and see if the condition is the same. If so, not the cap then. If so, clean the caps air vent hole.

Could be overheating from lack of cooling air thru the fins. If so, remove both the side cover and top if equiped with two. Clean the fins and reinstall cover/covers.

Does the mower have a key switch? If so, check for any loose or corroded wires there and everywhere else there are wires.

Hope these tips help you discover where the problem may lie.

Good Luck,
Small Engine Service and Repair Technician
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I too have a rider mower. The first year I owned it, the engine stumbled and died after it got warm too. In my case, it was a lose wire touching a ground. It was a safety engine shutoff used when shifting to reverse. I disconnected the wire permanently
which fixed my problem.

Good luck.

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