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I have a lawn boy 10330 silver pro in box and wonder if I should keep it or is there a better selection. I just want a propelled that will start easily and give me no problems. thanks
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You didn't mention how you acquired this mower. If you purchased it and it's still unused and not the model you wanted, return it. If it's a gift, same applies, just get the sales slip before returning it.

Lawn Boy mowers are just as good as any generic brand of mower for home use. As with any brand of mower, properly used and maintained, it will run well and last as long as any other mower.

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I bought the lawn boy and now wonder if I should have spent the 330 on another brand. I know little (nothing) about lawnmowers except they're usually too hard to start. thanks
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I have owned and worked on many Lawn Boy mowers and can tell you that they are as easy to start as any mower there is.A new spark plug every Spring and fuel stabilizer like <Stabil> in the fuel mix in the Fall will keep you easy starting for years.The Lawn Boy engine does require an oil/gasoline mix but a lot of weight is saved by the 2 cycle engine.

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