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A couple of weeks ago I asked for info about my Ariens snowblower that surges when it tackles a heavy snow load. Tom, your suggestion was to check for fuel restrictions.

Just wanted to let you know that I tinkered with the fuel and governer adjustments. Not being too familiar with the mechanics of the machine, what I think I adjusted was 1) a spring tension screw on the governor linkage 2) an idle speed throttle screw 3) what might be an idle mixture screw and 4) what might be a hi-speed mixture screw. Or, numbers 3 and 4 might be an air adjust and a fuel adjust screw, not sure. Anyhow, what I did was adjust for as smooth an idle and hi-speed run as possible. Since I didn't have any gauges to check RPM and I don't know how to put a load on the engine at hi-speed to check to see if it will surge, all I can do now is wait for the first heavy snow to see if the adjustments make a difference.
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Based on your well discribed second posting, you checked and adjusted all that you could and made the correct adjustments.

If the engine idles well, will advance from idle to top speed and back to idle with full movement of the throttle both in gear <blades moving> and out of gear without hesitation, stalling or dying, this is as best as you can do until it snows.

The linkage leading from the top of the carb that has the spring on it's opposite end is the governor. The spring end will be attached to a metal rod on the engines casing. This lever will have several holes in it. This is the governor.

The other rod attached to the card is the throttle link and has no spring. It's attached directly to the throttle lever on the machine.

The idle speed screw is on the carb body, and it pushes that plate forward or backwards to adjust the idle speed.

The carb should have two other screws which go directly into the carb body. The one on the RIGHT is always the high speed and the one on the LEFT is always the low speed. Neither of these adjusts the air flow, only fuel volume.

Adjusting that governor tension screw correctly is important. No small engine should run at a top speed above 3600 rpm. If you didn't move it too much it should be fine.

Until it snows and you can test it, avoid running the engine at top speed without a load and all should be well.

Remember to run the engine every two weeks for a few minutes, after it warms up, until winter to avoid future carb problems.

Post back the machines operational results after the first snow fall.

Good Luck,
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