Honda 6.5 OHC Stuck


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ED Norwalk
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Honda 6.5 OHC Stuck

I have a Karcher power washer with a Honda 6.5 OHC with a manual pull start. I recntly laid the machine on its back when it was running to facilitate acess to the hose coupling. The engine puffed white smoke and then shut down. It will not start now. the pull start is jammed. I removed the start housing and with the help of a torque wrench the cylinder moved but it is clearly stuck. is there a brake os some sort ? Any otheR thoughts suggestions? It is a new machine.
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does not seem that the engine would have locked up, I would be checking the pump, you probably need to release the water pressure and it should start right back up. The pump should have a bleed off or simply pull the trigger on the spray wand. Most of the smaller units are direct driven and if the pump has pressure against it the engine will be real hard to turn over.
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Hello Ed!

There are two things that could have happened. Hopefully the minor thing is all that's wrong.

Remove the spark plug and see if it turns freely. If so, the cylinder got filled with oil. You'll probably have to clean the spark plug, check and replace the air filter if it's oil soaked, and spin the engine a bit to blow the oil out of the cylinder. Fill with oil, then start it and let it run a bit. It will smoke like a freight train for a few minutes, but will clear up.

If it doesn't turn freely with the plug removed, you may have locked up the engine. The engine must sit upright for the oil to be where it is needed. If you tilt it over, the oil cannot lubricate the internal parts and they can seize. If this is the case, disassembly of the engine will be the only way to reveal the extent of the damage.

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