Leaky Gas Trimmers


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I have used several different gas powered lawn trimmers (aka whipper snippers). I have used Weed Eater, Eagle Beaver and Ryobi units.

All of the machines I have used all seem to "leak" oil or gas or a combo of both. All of them were 2-cycle engines.

Anyone have any ideas why these units appear to "leak". I have not gone to the trouble of trying to isolate the source of the leaks yet but I know it is NOT a loose gas cap. It seems to come from the engine "block" itself...
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That residual black oily colored liquid, which makes the engine appear to be leaking, is part of the nature of the engine.

These engines have a diaphgram carb, so it can operate at any angle, has to run slightly fuel rich and the fact that the engine burns a fuel oil mixture for lubrication, causes the exhaust to contain an oily residual.

It may this residual which makes the engine appear to be leaking. Again, it's the nature of the beast.

You should store the trimmer in a level postition which not in use. Do not exceed the recommended amount of oil added to the fuel. Use a high quality ashless two cycle oil.

Hope this answers your question.

Good Luck,

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Thanks Tom. I appreciate your advice. I was thinking that it likely had something to do with the engine design and or 2-stroke aspect of it. I knew it likely wasn't a repair issue since it occurs across several brands. You helped me to better understand trimmers. Thanks again.
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Thanks Tom. I appreciate your advice. I was kinda thinking that was the case but wanted to hear from others.


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