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I am using a friends generator ( I think it is a generex 3500 brand -
not sure). I can start it (pull rope) by setting on full choke, move to
run position, and the engine dies after about 5 seconds. It has plenty
oil and I just put new gas in. I use it to open a large garage door,
drills, etc. Before this starting problem, it would run on 1/2 choke only (not run).
What's up? Thanks.
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Hi:Mr. Quast

The choke is reducing the volumn of air to keep the fuel mixture rich enough to run.

What the problem most likely is a fuel flow restriction from the gas tank to the carb or a gummed up carb.

The condition is common on generators and other gas small engines when they aren't used often. The fuel in the carbs turns stale, evaperates and leaves behind gum and vanish residue.

The only permanate solution is to clean out <boil out> the carb and replace the gaskets.

You might verify gas flow. Pull the fuel line off the carb and verify a good steady flow. Check for a restricted fuel filter while your checking fuel flow also.

Good Luck,

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