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I recently bought a lawnmower online. While perusing all the lawn mower related sites, I came across this one:

This site, and several others seem to stress the importance of washing off the underside of the mower deck. Why do I need to do this? I read through my manual and it too said it was important to keep it clean.

I know this is probably a silly question, but before I go buy a cleaning tool I would like to know what happens if I don't. Will the blade rust? The housing rust? or what??

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Its important to clean the mower after you cut because if the grass is left on the blade or deck it can lead to rusting(eventually), but the biggest reason why I clean my mower after each cut, is to keep the grass off my sidewalks and out of my garage. I checked out your link and that washer thing looks pretty cool. I do the 'tilt-n-spray' but its a bit of a hassle.

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JustWondering, If a person wanted to assure that a mower deck would last as long as it possibly could a good rinse after every use is a good idea. It makes changing wheels and removing the blade/blades an easier chore. Also mulching decks need the free space so the grass clippings can swirl around freely and be cut as finely as possible. On the other hand I refurbish Snapper mowers as a hobby and since I do my own repairs and have the tools I never wash anything but the engine. This is done because being air cooled any buildup causes heat to be retained......Mike
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Thanks for the info,

I hadn't considered the messiness aspect of cleaning the mower, trailing grass around is a drag. Now I have a new question... I want to get a mulching blade put on, so first I'll buy that washing tool and then I'll go buy the blade. If I put a mulching blade on, is it necessary to put that chute stopper that came with the mower back on. I kind of broke it taking it off. If it is necessary, where could I go to get a new one? I prefer online ordering if possible.

Thanks again!
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JustWondering, To mulch properly a mower deck must have the chuteblock on it. A mulching blade and the deck work together to float the clippings so they are cut over and over until small enough to drop into the lawn with out being seen. If the chute is open clippings get out before they are cut into small pieces.
As for finding parts, could you post what kind of mower it is?........Mike

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