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I am ready to winterize my motorized equipment and noted that on 2 cycle engine oil, it indicated it has fuel stabilizer in it. Do I need to add additional off the shelf stabilizer to it or is the quantity already in the oil sufficient to keep the carb from gumming up?
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Even so, I always add fuel stablizer to my boat, chainsaw, etc. fuel.
It is very inexpensive, so why take the chance of gumming up the works next Spring?
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Good advice given by OldGuy. Add some additional fuel stabilizer just to be sure. The additional amount will not cause any problems.

I do not even recommend running a two cycle engine dry of fuel like one can do with a four cycle. The two cycle carb has a diaphram that dries out and often needs to be replaced once dried.

Therefore, having fuel in both the tank and carb often works better. If you can run the engine periodically, that would help also.

Great idea for a new topic. Winterizing small engines. Thanks for the idea.

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