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The auger on my Snow Chief Model SC 5220 M jammed last year. The shear bolt didn't break off and it peeled the metal on the auger back about 3/4". Can I put a washer over this and replace the bolt, or do I need to replace the auger.


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Without seeing the damage nor knowing the cause of it, I would say give your fix a try.

The concern may be the location and extent of the damage and if the correction you suggest will alter the balance of the auger at full speed. An out of balance auger or failed attempt to fix it properly, could become dangerous.

Off hand, since I rarely work on snow blowers, I would suggest you replace all the damaged parts for safety.

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If you've caused enough damage to the auger to affect its servicability, you should probably replace it or have someone weld and repair it if possible.If the shear bolt hole is damaged,you may find yourself replacing shear bolts too frequently.I agree with Tom that if it isn't broke, don't fix it but living here in central New York, I know that having your snowblower go down on a Sunday afternoon after a 2 foot snowfall can be a real bummer. Best to get it taken care of now before the shops all get backed up.


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