SnowBlower that will not run @ full power


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SnowBlower that will not run @ full power

My elderly neighbor has a nice two stage snowblower that is not working right in my opinion but he does not agree. Three years ago when he got it and we had a good blizzard I helped him use it to plow off both of our driveways several times and it was very strong and could toss 3 feet of snow without bogging down much.

For the past 2 winters it runs very weak and has a hard time with even 6 inches of snow. When starting it up with the choke on it will start but as I try to un-choke it so it will come up to full power it starts surging and will eventually die. Since it won't run at full power it is very difficult to use and I worry about my neighbor straining himself and getting hurt. I'm in my early 30s and it tires me out to use the darn thing.

My neighbor does not think there is anything wrong because some guy down the street says his is doing it too. What do you think could cause it to surge when trying to turn the choke off so it can run at full power?


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I have gone thru this with a single stage snow blower, i use to own.

I found a couple of things can cause this, and what I have tried.

Good fresh fuel is a plus, 89 octane or higher. alot of people dont clean the carb out when they put it away,

The fuel causes come varnish and gum build up, in the float bowl and in the sets and jet path ways.

Not having a new plug also can due this.

Make sure it is greases and lubed up well. Sometimes this affects it.

My carb had a plastic fuel filter in the tank that ran to the carb and it was pretty clogged up.

I hate to ask if this is 4 cycle or 2 cycle.

2 cycles, most common is fouled plug and mix of gas not being right and carb needed cleaned.

hope this helps

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You are right, there is something wrong with it. Surging is an indication of a lean fuel ratio/carb restriction.

I'm betting this has a tecumseh engine. Remove the nut that holds the bowl on the carb and clean it out well. There are small passages through the side of this nut that need to be cleaned well. Reinstall. If it still surges a bit and there is a screw going through the bowl nut, back it out 1/4 turn or so and see how it does.

Don't use anything higher than regular gas. The higher the octane rating, the less performance you get out of the fuel as far as rate of combustion.

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