transaxle indentity?


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transaxle indentity?

HI everyone, i,ve been cruising this site and have alreay found alot of answers to problems i have had, so i deceide to register.As you may guess by my user name, i am in to garden tractor pulling.
Any way, i have a question.
I have been pulling a Sears suburban, and i recently came across an old murray( sorry that is all i can tell you, the I.D tag is unreadable, except for MURRAY). This tractor is fairly heavily constructed but had no engine in it. alos it appears that alot of the drive pulleys and springs are missing. I picked it up for 10 bucks and brought it home. I bolted a 16.5 i/c briggs i had laying around on it and fabricated a "clutch" lever for the belt.

The frame is set up for a vertical shaft engine, but the trans has the pulley going in horizontally from the right, it has 5 lug hubs and is definitly cast iron.
and has a disc brake in the left side
And it appears as if this tractor had maybe a 90 degree gearbox betwwen the engine and transaxle, but it is long gone

The shifter pattern is 3--------2


Thats right, if i put it in first, there is another, very low gear beside 1st, if i pull the shifter all the way right.
What kind of transaxle is this, i have been told it was built by Peerless, but there is no tag. My concern is how strong is this transaxle, it seems very robust, but that can be deceiving.
Thanks for any info on this, because i am planning to build this into another puller if this trans is as stout as it looks
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That is supposed to be an H pattern on the shifter
if you are sitting on the seat it goes like this:

Third is away and left

second is away and right

reverse is toward you and left

first is toward you and right and if you push the shifter right while in first, you get what i would call "granny" gear, a very very low gear, I mean this thing,( with the engine revved out on the governer), crawls.
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Sounds like a peerless/foote tranny. These had vertical shaft engines with a twist in the belt to drive the pulley.

If it is an old foote with cast iron axle housings, it is a super tough tranny. It's one of the ones sought after for high rpm and durability. Instead of grease inside, they have gear oil. Instead of bushings, they have needle bearings. Instead of cast gears, they have forged gears. Instead of felt washers, they have lip seals. You can drain the oil and use synthetic gear oil and put the power to it. They aren't designed to shift on the go, so you will have to learn to shift at the correct moment.

I have a small tractor I built for pulling. It has an old foote tranny in it. I have a dozer blade on the front of the mower and it will curl the dirt out of the ground and push it along. The tires are full of water for traction. If it can get enough traction, it will move quite a load. Chain it to something it can't move, (like maybe a giant redwood tree, lol) and it will flip itself over end for end.
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Sorry for the delay in responding, Cheese. It is solid cast iron, all the way to the axle hubs, exteremly heavy, and it did have gear oil in it which i have changed to 85w140 synthetic.

This tractor will weigh around 850 to 900 lbs by the time i add my 300 lbs carcass and some addational weights for adjustability. I will be using a mostly stock 16.5hp opposed twin I/C briggs, with a later possible upgrade to a 22 hp Intek. The tires will be 25x12.50x12 ag tread that have been sharpened. I just wanted to make sure this trans was up to the task before i continue fabbing up this chassis.

My first tractor had an aluminium "pancake" style peerless trans and a hot rodded 12.5 briggs,25 inch turf tires full of water. The trans blew on the second pull so i did not want to repeat this.

BTW, is there a thred on garden tractor pulling, or is it possible to start a maybe a sub-forum in here for it?

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