re: need source for B&S I/C 12.5hp VS motor


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re: need source for B&S I/C 12.5hp VS motor


Out mowing last night as it was getting dark on my MTD 38.12 lawn tractor.

Grass was a bit high (5 to 6" in some areas as i've been busy and it is the back lawn.)

Hit a small chunk of what I am sure is firewood and it started vibrating badly. Shut down the unit and checked the oil--which I'd checked only minutes before starting the mowing. Oil was fine so I restart. Mower is fine and not vibratinging until I lower the deck, then it vibrates like hell. I figure new blades and new belts but will finish the job--and had planned on redoing the blades and belts before winter. Get to the last corver of the yard and the grass is much higher and I start smelling burning rubber and seeing blue smoke.

I still figure no prob as I'd planned on replacing them anyway. But I stop and drive the mower 10 ft over to the driveway.

Open the hood and there is oil everywhere. Cleaned it off with the pressure washer, check oil and it was nearly empty. Pushed the thing into the shed as I've spent more than enough this week on things mechanical.

Thought about it today and realized it most likely has a bent crankshaft and will need a lower bearing and seal. Starting it up briefly again today confirms that diagnosis.

Anyone know of a source for a rebuilt or reconditioned 12.5 HP Briggs I/C
(Industrial/Commercial) vertical shaft engine at a reasonable price (say about $250 USD after core charge)????

Model is 289707
Type is 0154 01

I live in Central NY and would prefer something local and quick--or a vendor who can ship quickly, in a week or so.

While I have the skills to rebuild this I don't have the time or the machine shop access I will need so prefer a bolt on solution.

If I have to pay $500 for a new engine I may as well find an end of season deal on another tractor here as the snow will fly soon and I can get one for about $800.


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Man that's a bad break! I know how you feel. I don't know of a local source (NY) and maybe someone else does however, I would suggest E-bay. I have seen some great deals on this very engine (complete) in the $300.00+ price range and it looked as if the dealer has sold more than a few with very satisfied customers. I wish you the very best and let us know what you find.

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I suggest letting your fingers do the walking...on the Briggs website and using their dealer search. Call all the local and relatively local dealers and ask if they have a good used bolt-on for your unit. Ideally, you'd like to find another Briggs since it will be wired similarly, but may use another brand engine. Good luck.

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