?Clutch? help for riding mower


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?Clutch? help for riding mower

Okay, I'm not a mechanic, and my husband is even less mechanically inclined than I am, so I'm guessing here. I asked my 18 year old son to pull our riding lawnmower out of the garage for me. I'm thinking, even though he's saying he didn't, that he messed it up pulling it out. When I went to get on it, it was in gear (he should have had it in neutral), and the deck was down. Anyway, I raised to deck and just pushed it to the front yard (he thought I wanted to mow the back), started it up, and when I put it into gear, it wouldn't go anywhere. Tried all 5 gears, nada, zip, zilch. Anyway, opened the hood up and after investigating a bit, I noticed that when I have my foot on the clutch and it's in neutral the thingamabobby (I'm assuming on the clutch) positions in the lowest position. As I move through first, second, and so on, I notice each position is higher. However, as soon as I release the clutch to engage, it drops right back down to the lowest (neutral) position. I'm again assuming that it's not supposed to do this, LOL. There's a thingy (I know, again, me and my "technical" terms) that's a thin piece of metal, maybe three inches long or so, that looks like it should be hooked up to "something," but it's not. One end is through this hole on the gear shift, the other end is dangling loose, but I cannot find anything close enough that I think this should go through. I've been searching online but I just can't find any decent diagrams, pictures, or anything else that might help me. Anyone have any clues? By the way, here's the info on the riding mower:

12.5 HP/38"
YardMachines by MTD
Briggs and Stratton

If ya need any more info, I'm doing nothing all day until I figure out how to fix this.

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so the clutch, ( basically a pulley the takes off and puts on tension to the drive belt ) is flopping around as it were? get under there if you can and make sure that pulley is on good and not loose, then the drive belt, make sure thats routed on the pulley stack off the engine, on the clutch, and on the trans, sometimes they can pop off either pulley. and the gear shift, thats not connected good where it connects to the trans?
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Sorry, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out exactly what's happening. On this mower, you have a lever that goes from 1 to 5, and another with Fwd, Neu, and Rev, right?
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Start the machine up as usual, place the shifter between your legs in neutral, press the clutch pedal down, move the fender shifter into the highest foward gear, let the clutch pedal out slowly. Then gradually - using both the clutch pedal and the fender shifter simultaniously - move the fender shifter back to the 2nd or 3rd gear position. Now move the shifter between your legs into foward and give it a try. If your son shifted the fender shifter without the engine running, this should be all you need to get it back in operation - this resets the variable drive pulleys.

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