Overheaded Tiller Engine?


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Overheaded Tiller Engine?

I just bought a Yard Machine 5.5HP front tine tiller from Home Depot. The engine is made by Briggs & Stratton. I didn't notice that I need to fill engine oil before using this tiller. Therefore, it locked up after using an hour. The start rope can't be pulled to start engine. I took it to local service center and they said they need to open it and see whether it is under warranty or not. If it is because of no engine oil to lock up the engine, it isn't covered under warranty. Does anyone know how approciately much it costs to fix it? What are the parts cause this no engine oil failure and cost to buy these parts? Is it easy to fix on my own since I do a lot of fixing my car? Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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ohv, yeah.... if its deemed rebuildable.... by them, if its not well they are in the right, its not covered under warranty if ran with no oil, i though they put a tag on it that it was shipped without oil? well to go further, its most likely a all alluminum alloy block, the bore would be scored up, the crank. the connecting rod, the cam, well basically the whole thing. sometimes the connecting rod will just melt itself to the crank and maybe break or not. i'd actually just go ahead and replace it with a new engine unless like i said deemed rebuildable and the parts are cheaper then what the engine would be. but it lasted a hour? briggs makes some tuff ones.

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