Types of snowblowers


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Question Types of snowblowers

Well with summer ending and fall starting, the white stuff isn't that far off if you live in the north country. My question is this: I have had snowblowers since 1965. My first was called a Yard Man, it was single speed,one stage, 3hp Tecumseh engine and all chain drive. The chain drive included everything from wheels to auger. It would blow snow 30-40 feet and that's no exaggeration. I had to turn down the chute to keep from burying my nieghbor's houses. The auger ran extremely fast.
Now I have an MTD 2 stage, 6.5 hp Tecumseh engine. The auger turns pretty slow so I adjusted all the cables,etc but no difference.
Then I look at other blowers my friends have, a very large two stage Craftsman and an even larger two stage Ariens, they work exactly the same as what I have.
The problem is these machines will only blow wet heavy snow several feet which doesn't worrk too well when your driveway is seventeen feet wide.
My first blower would handle this with no problem but all these new machines won't.
Does anyone know of a brand or machine that might work like my original blower?
PS: My first machine lasted 31 years, the engine as I mentioned was a 3hp Tecumseh, vertical mounted with a cast iron block and ran what seemed like forever. I guess that's why I'm partial to Tecumseh.
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I have an MTD 8 horse two stage and it throws wet snow at least 30'. Don't know why you and your friends won't unless the engine isn't running fast enough. On a two stage auger speed isn't related to how far it will throw snow. all it does is feed snow to the rotor which throws the snow. Sounds like you all three have a lack of sufficient engine speed. I just can't believe all three machines have loose drive belts or slow engine speed. Sometimes with really wet snow I have to maintain a fast ground speed to keep the rotor full or it will plug the chute.
Hope this helps,
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I live in Boston and the snow is regularly heavy and wet since we're 400 yards from the Atlantic. You don't see many single stage units around here though because they are too hard to push through drifts.

According to some owners, this is due at least in part to the clearance between the impeller and blower housing.

One solution is at: http://smllengns.tripod.com/

I have seen many positive references for this kit, and have purchased one for my 8hp Ariens but have not used it yet.
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I had a old mongomery ward that was a single stage, and that would throw the snow pretty far also. I have seen the nieghbors 2 stage throw it just 6 feet, maybe 10 feet in wet snow.

The engine was a 3 horse also.

Now Im asuming 2 stage you mean the thrower part, some people asume 2 stage is self propelled. Mine was self propelled.

I personally feel the new ones are goverened down some and with restrictions on the carb.

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Buying a new blower?

Personally... I recommend Ariens. Best out there... A little more money... built better and last for years to come. Selling my Ariens 924036 that has been in the family since 1980. 5 HP tecumseh... never any problems! Handles Buffalo NY snows just great!!

Bought a new 926DLE and looking forward to the first snow...

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