Yard Machine won't start


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Yard Machine won't start

I recently bought a house that came with a mower:

Yard Machine, MTD
Model # 14AS825H118
Seriel ?? 18157300092

It of course wouldn't start. Charged the up the battery, and had to fix the starter. It worked great for about 2 weeks but now it won't start again.
I've tested (and charged the battery again) took the starter into a local shop and they said it tested fine. They recommended putting on a new Solenoid to see if that was the problem, but it still will not start.
When I turn the key the engine does not even try to turn over, there is no clicking or anything.
Also I'm not able to set the parking brake anymore. I've set it many times before. I'm not sure if its just the way its parked or if there is something wrong there.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you,
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what about the battery, is it new? how old? may not be able to hold a charge for long, otherwise make sure all the connections are good to the battery, ( not corroded and are on tight) make sure the negative post is to the frame good, then move on to the solenoid, wiggle the connections, make sure they are on good, the the starter, make sure thats connected good, then all in all, the key switch is bad, that or a frayed or cut wire inline. also check the fuse
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The problem was

Just thought I'd let you know what the problem was.
The saftey switch that the clutch/brake hits when the clutch is pushed in was not properly connecting. It think the switch is okay but the alignment on the clutch is still off a bit. I am still not able to set the parking brake most of the time, but I'm guessing it won't be hard to fix once I find time to get under there and take a good look. Thanks for trying to help.
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Use your model and serial #'s here to get owners manual and Parts lists. Should include instructions for adjusting your clutch/brake. Also check and make sure no wires are or have been pinched.

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