Wood Chipper shopping


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Wood Chipper shopping

I am looking to purchase a wood chipper. 3-3 1/2 diameter is about all I need. What features should I look for? Are there any units out there that you would not recommend? Recommendations? Must be able to tow short distances.
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Biggest items I have heard problems with is the engines power (or lack of) and ease of changing the blades. I would also find out how easy parts are to obtain should you need them. I used a friends Troybilt and it was an awesome machine.
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I am not sure if this comment is any help but I just bought a little 5 hp Craftsman chipper/shredder.
I am not sure if this would apply to you but whatever inch capacity my chipper is, the actual size I can chip is limited by how straight the wood is.
I have a lot of twisty wood at my place so I can't actually do much with this thing.

So in other words, as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better.
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MacKissic makes several models that have their own engines or are driven by a tractor's PTO. They are a quality machine built in the USA by a company that has been in the business for decades, and easy to work on: http://www.mackissic.com/
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I can vouch for the 12PT-10 MacKissic chipper/shredder. I've run tons of stuff through it (up to 4" logs) and leaves and garden waste. It shreds into variable size material for immediate compost like output. Very well built and strong

Hope this helps.
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bearcat chipper/shredder

I have a 8hp bearcat chipper/shredder with 3" capacity. It is a commercial grade chipper/shredder. It has worked very good for my homeowner needs. However greg brought up a good point. When the limbs are crooked some of the limbs won't go into the shute and your 3" capacity is reduced. So if you got a 4" chipper/shredder some of those 3" crooked limbs might go into the shute more easily. Most of the limbs I chip are in the 3" range. I would have preffered a 4" chipper/shredder but chose the bearcat because it was a more compact size. dave

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