Tecumseh OHV130 Timing, etc


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Tecumseh OHV130 Timing, etc

Hey! Well... I'm getting frustrated with these little motors!

Can anyone point me in a direction on setting the static timing and valve lash for an OHV130? Just put rings in mine, and it ran OK for a few minutes then stopped. Popped the valve cover off to find the intake pushrod wedged tight against something. Tried to pull it out, then it broke so I've got to pull it apart again this weekend in hopes it's something simple. I had all the timing index marks where they should be, and balancer as well. Not positive what went wrong at this point. Manual would help, but I don't have one available quite yet. Thankfully I've got another 130 with a bum rod I think I can use the pushrod off of.

Any help is appreciated, I work on ATV's and Motorcyles... don't have the resources for these little things right now.
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Thunder Valley,

You can obtain the entire manual at:


The push rods have ends that will detach from the aluminum tubes if worn or valve lash is to great. The intake push rod can only be removed with head removed or the cup will detach from the push rod. Sounds like your rocker arm had to much play or you detached the ball plate from the end of the push rod. Valve lash is (.004). Both valves!

Tecumseh engines can be off by a tooth or two and still give a bit of run time (unlike B&S), before cylinder heating gives the last word with a sudden stop. The above manual covers it all! I suggest down loading, printing and giving a thorough read! If you need more help we will be here. By the way, did you set valve lash with piston at TDC?

God Bless,

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Dave, you are a life saver! That manual should get me going fine... I knew there had to be a thing or two with these that was just a little different.
With any luck I'll be mowing before the weekends up... unless I broke something major.

Thanks again....

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